Colombian Industry Products


Livestock inColombia is 100% grazing, which guarantees a healthy diet.

During the lastthree decades, important advances have been made in bovine genetics, which is adetermining factor in the quality of the meat.

Our products arefresh, we follow the dispatch schedule, making the disposition from the farmsto pass the plants to their slaughter process then reach the idealtemperature for dispatch.

They are then sentto the port for dispatch, complying with the strict standards of the cold chain,guaranteeing quality at all times.

Thus, the times ofenlistment, sacrifice final dispatch are not greater than 12 days.

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Colombian chicken is beginning to be recognized for its quality in international markets.

We have the best farmsfor production Fully technified with high the supervision of specialized professionals to achieve the objectives of producing animals of excellent quality with high all biosecurity standards, which guarantees to deliver the best quality products.

Our benefit plants are endorsed certified with high international standards, which allows us to reach the most demanding world markets in quality.

We have genetic lines that produce meats of Excellent quality nutritional composition.

Our birds are fed balanced food Produced with the best beans on the market Without additives chemicals that can affect its consumption.



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Pork Meat

The Pork production process begins with an excellent concentrated food based on SOY, CORN OTHER CEREALS that lead to the best quality of the product.

The farms have facilities of the highest technological level, with the best concentrates, biosecurity, responsibilitywith the environment the responsible management of veterinary doctors their high experience, allows us to obtain excellent quality pork for low levels of grease.

The stripping process is carried out in the plants guaranteeing the cold chain. The process is carried out by qualifiedpersonnel complying with the INVIMA standards. In this instance is when thedifferent cuts of pork are made, adjusting them to the needs of the market.

Our products meet the freezing requirements necessary for the transportation of the product, they also meet the packaging requirements are labeled with international standards.

Our products are fresh, we follow the dispatch schedule, making the setup from the farms to go to the plants in their slaughter process, Chilled frozen dispatch to the port, we send theproducts to the client with very few days of storage.


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